Looking for a refresh? Then the 2 Hour Design Consultation is for you! After the initial 2 hours, if you are longing for more - you can move forward with our full design services. 

  • This is a great service for someone who just moved in to a new home and wants direction on how to tackle their new space. Our 30 years of design experience will help guide you during the 2 Hour Consultation.

  • We will work anywhere in your house - focusing on one room or the entire home. The choice is yours.

  • Each project is unique and will require different tasks and time. Tasks could include rearranging furntiure, selecting paint colors, hanging artwork or just getting organized.

  • Maybe you didn't move into a new home, but your furniture just doesn't make sense. Our expert eye can help with placement and other needs.

  • After the 2 hours are up, our clients have the opportunity to move forward with our full design services

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I start the design process?  We will begin with a two hour consultation in your home where we will get to see the spaces you are interested in transforming and gain insight as to what your vision of the completed project is. 

What services do you offer?  We are able to provide options for custom furniture, fabrics, wall coverings, floor coverings and light fixtures that are typically only available to the trade.  In addition to these things, if your project requires construction we will also use our project management skills to be sure this process moves smoothly.  To our design clients, we also provide the use of our industry service people, i.e wallpaper hangers, painters, contractor, etc …..

How do I know what my project budget should be?  We will work with you to distinguish a realistic budget for each space and pride ourselves in being honest and up front with our clients about what it really costs to furnish and design a room.

How do you work?  We want every space we design to be a reflection of our client’s personality, hobbies, family, collection, and anything else that matters to you.  We will work with you to achieve an end result that is both surprising and comfortable to you.

What type of jobs do you do?  We work on residential homes and apartments as well as restaurants, offices, and retail spaces.

How do you determine pricing?  Each project is unique and will require different tasks and time.  Once you have had the 2 hour consultation and received and reviewed the new client questionnaire we will submit a proposal to you with a contract based on the scope of work for the project.  Generally, our larger projects will have a flat rate per room for the design fee and smaller scale projects will be billed at an hourly rate.


2 Hour Consultation - $500

Hourly Rate - $200/hr